I have moved to another blog permanently! I’ve unfollowed everybody, but I’d love to follow each and every one of you again on my new blog if you stumble upon it! My new blog is here.

In any case, please unfollow this blog!

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I’m moving to another blog due to various reasons, which means that this blog will be inactive as of this week. Feel free to unfollow this blog.

My brand new blog is HERE, you’re welcome to follow me! If you don’t want to keep following me, which is fine by me, consider this a free pass to unfollow me.


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Fun. on SNL

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ellyintheskywithdiamonds replied to your post:

why? i mean obv it’s perfectly fine as long as you stay on tumblr, i’m just curious?

nevercouldgetthehangofthursdays replied to your post:

something happened?

it’s not anything in particular, i’ve wanted to this for about a year now
i just want a fresh start
this blog is a mess and it hurts when people unfollow me for posting / not posting something. I know i could post whatever i want on my blog, but i also want to give people a free pass to unfollow me
i guess i’ll also try to narrow down the amount of fandoms on my blog if that’s even possible???

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game of thrones cast on twitter & instagram

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Great Expectations (2011)

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i’ve made like three or four new blogs in case i leave this one but every time i’ve had to choose a theme i’ve got so overwhelmed that i have to delete the blog

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23/50 life-ruining pictures of Harry Styles

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James Dean photographed by Roy Schatt, 1954.

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